How to install ArchiSteamFarm on ubuntu 16.04



ArchiSteamFarm is a powerful open-source application that help you farm steam cards offline. It doesn’t require steam client running in background.It has a lot of advantages:

  1. It allows you to farm cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously.
  2. It doesn’t need the Steam client.
  3. Its special algorithms can improve the efficiency of farming cards.
  4. It is VAC-free.
  5. If you are playing game, it will pause automatically.

This article will show you how to install ArchiSteamFarm on a Vultr Ubuntu 16.04 server instance.


  1. Deploy a fresh Vultr Ubuntu 16.04 server instance.
  2. A non-root sudo user.

Step1: Get Root Privileges

Before beginning our installation, you should get root privileges.

sudo -i

Step2: Install NET.Core Dependencies

Because ArchiSteamFarm is a C# application, we should install .NET Core dependencies on the server.

sudo apt-get install curl libunwind8 gettext
sudo apt-get install libcurl3 liblttng-ust-ctl2 liblttng-ust0 libunwind8 liburcu4

Step3: Dowmload ArchiSteamFarm

Let’s move to the directory that you want to install this application.

cd the directory

Make a new directory.

mkdir ASF

Move to the new directory.

cd ASF/

Download ArchiSteamFarm.


Install the unzip package

sudo apt-get install unzip

Unzip this file.


Step4: Give ArchiSteamFarm Privileges.

chmod +x ArchiSteamFarm

Step5:Make a Config File.

If you want to use ArchiSteamFarm,you need to make a config file.The name of the file is up to you.

cd config
vim thename.json

Then you can write the file like this format.

"Enabled": true,
"SteamLogin": "your_steamname",
"SteamPassword": "your_password"

If you want to get more function, you can generate the config by a [web-based ConfigGenerator][].And then you should upload this file to server.
[web-based ConfigGenerator]:

Step6: Run ArchiSteamFarm.

cd ..